What is the Red Zone? What can we do about it?

It’s that exciting time of year again, where thousands of new students are heading back on campus, and some even coming in for the very first time! It’s also the start of what is known as the “red zone“- a period of six weeks that is believed to be the most dangerous time for campus sexual assault. We must be made aware of this and we need to know what resources we can use in case this kind of thing happens to any of our friends, or even ourselves.

Until there is a cultural shift where the responsibility of sexual assault is put upon assaulters and not the victims, there must be action put towards harm reduction to ensure the safety and well-being of assault victims.

Did you know that the Guelph General Hospital has a Care & Treatment Centre for Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence? Neither do most people.

Here we’ve compiled an updated and visual-friendly guidebook for those wanting to know more about this centre, what it offers and how it functions! As well, some small descriptions regarding what sexual assault looks like and what are some signs/common reactions for victims of it.

Print and fold over (so you’re not reading it upside down too)!

Domestic Violence & Abuse Treatment Centre Pamphlet (pdf)
Red Zone Article (for more information)