GRCGED hosts a resource library stocked with includes books (mostly print; some audio), magazines, movies, cds, tapes, journals, and ‘zines.

GRCGED also hosts the Arrow Archive, a zine library of over 900 zines!

To access our library simply come in any time during working hours (Monday to Thursday 11-5) and set up an account. Accounts are free for University of Guelph students and are available to community members for a $5 annual donation to the library.

We take requests! You can let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to find it. Most of our resources can be transferred into a variety of formats including electronic, audio and Braille.

You can write a book review! Go ahead and let everyone know what you think of our resources. We’ll publish your review on our webpage and, with your permission, in local media.

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