Chill Space and Quiet Room

GRCGED offers a place to decompress when regular campus life just isn’t cutting it. We are home to some seriously comfy couches, often complete with friendly like-minded rad folks. We offer free tea and sometimes snacks too.

If you want some alone time, we also have a Quiet Room where you can chill out alone or with a friend, or ask for a support person to join you. We offer active listening and peer support.

Our Quiet Room is also the location of our Happy Light, a full-spectrum lamp that is designed to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder or “the winter blues.” SAD can affect anyone, but those who have recently moved from a place that is closer to the equator are especially susceptible. Full-spectrum light therapy is the best known treatment for SAD, and is recommended to be used daily for 20 minutes at a time. You can email us to schedule some time in front of the Happy Light.

Why not come chill out at GRCGED?

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