You don’t need to be a student at Guelph to volunteer at the Centre, nor do you need to have any relationship to the campus. In fact, we’re always trying to extend our support to the entire community.

GRCGED welcomes volunteers of all genders as well as those who do not identify with any gender at all!

The priority of the centre is to offer a space for people who are oppressed under patriarchy, where they can access support and resources, be a part of decision-making, and build community in a space that is not dominated by masculinity, heteronormativity, cis-centricity and other norms that can make living in this world a real headache & heartache.

The relationship between individuals within GRCGED is one of reciprocity. The Centre wouldn’t exist without the time, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication of our volunteers. At the same time, the Centre is an engaging space for volunteers to express themselves, to examine themselves and society, to learn and develop skills and analysis, and to access resources and support.

It’s important to remember that GRCGED does not exist in isolation. GRCGED is the sum of our history and our social context. We are made up of the energy, ideas, commitment, and work of our volunteers and staff. We invite you to join GRCGED as an equal. The work that we do to uphold GRCGED’s vision and responsibilities towards centre users, fellow volunteers, staff and the community as a whole is a job that we all share.

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