Working Groups

GRR (Guelphites for Repro Rights)

Reproductive justice goes beyond the pro-choice/pro-life debate and links reproductive rights to a broader understanding of social justice. It looks at why only some people have choice as well as the realities that prevent others from accessing that choice in the first place.

Guelphites for Repro Rights (GRR♥) is a dedicated learning group for folks interested in reproductive justice. During the school year we hold biweekly meetings to review media and current actions that people are taking in the field of reproductive justice. Meetings and actions in the summer is dependant on membership.

This group is meant to be a fun, informative, safe(r), and inclusive way to learn more about reproductive rights and justice. We are building a community dedicated to experiencing amazing meetings, teachings and actions and have been doing so since the group started in 2012. We are so grateful for the inspiration and participation that people bring to this group!

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