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Are you interested in learning more about feminist issues? What to help create and maintain safer spaces for people of all genders and sexualities on U of G campus and in the larger Guelph Community? Do you want to meet and work with other like minded folks in Guelph? Do you want to gain skills in event planning, financial management, organizational and policy development, and labour practices? Are you interested in being a part of the decision-making process that contributes to how GRCGED functions?

GRCGED is looking for students and community members who are interested in joining our Collective!

What does GRCGED do?

GRCGED is an intersectional feminist organization dedicated to promoting diversity and equity through education, advocacy, activism, access to resources, skill-building, outreach, and community-building on campus and in the Guelph region. We work for change with empathy and compassion.

What does the Collective do?

The GRCGED Collective works together to determine the direction of GRCGED and to ensure that it is meeting its legal and financial obligations as a student-funded organization. The Collective is also involved with planning events that help spread the word about GRCGED’s work. The Collective also ensures that the staff that work in the center are treated fairly and are well supported in their work.

As a Collective member, you would receive training on consensus-based decision-making, Anti-Oppression training and how to facilitate and participate in meetings effectively. The skills that you would learn as a Collective member would be a major asset to you in other organizations.

Being part of the Collective gives volunteers a greater insight and knowledge about the day-to-day operations of the centre and provides an excellent opportunity for on-going learning and skill sharing. You’ll also meet lots of like-minded people, both on campus and around town!

What are the requirements for being on the GRCGED collective?

To join the Collective, you will need:

  • to be an member of the Guelph community (live, work or learn in Guelph)
  • to make a commitment of 4 hours per week (this is highly variable; very flexible)
  • to have an understanding about intersectional feminism to be committed
  • to learning about and confronting the many forms of oppression
  • to be passionate about social justice
  • to be willing to work cooperatively with staff and other volunteers
  • to have an interest in understanding how non-profits work, including staff/employer relations, policies and finances
  • have a desire to develop new skills

If you have the time to give, passion for feminist issues, and feel that you can play a role in supporting GRCGED’s work, we would like to talk to you. For more information on how to join the Collective, please email us at

GRCGED welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization. GRCGED is dedicated to creating a work and volunteer environment that respects and supports all diverse experiences and invites indigenous people, people of colour, people with disabilities, women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, a and gray sexual, transgendered, trans-sexual, genderqueer, non-binary, intersexed, working class, single parent, and immigrant people to join the collective.


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