Sex Work & Dope Guide

As the cost of living rises and tuition fees continue to sky-rocket beyond anyone’s imagination; it is important to be aware of the growing population of student sex workers and that there are limited resources specific to their needs. We believe that all students have the right to be safe in all areas of their life, and this includes their place of work. Often this can be quite a unique and isolating experience for sex workers.

On campus, there is a lot of taboo regarding sex work, as well as a focus on victimization and trafficking which is not reflective of all student sex workers’ lived experiences. As well, it doesn’t help that there are preconceived notions about who sex workers are. There are different levels of choice that come with sex work and that populations like women, femmes, people of colour, Indigenous women, trans folks, people who use drugs, and international students might experience differing levels of choice and autonomy while engaging in student sex work.

It’s important that we are aware of resources such as the Dope Guide made by Stella. This guide covers the various drugs that are on the market, and suggests ways for harm reduction. It also provide crucial information regarding pregnancy as well as custody of children when they are born. There is also information regarding the law and on your rights with regards to dope. And most importantly, there is information that may be helpful if you decide to make changes to your drug use or quit entirely.

Here is a link to the PDF for a full read:
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