Working at GRCGED! (and why it’s amazing)

Today marks my last day in the office as the Resource and Activities Co-ordinator at GRCGED for the summer! I’m so incredibly sad to be leaving this wonder-filled place. I came in to this job just wanting to know more and be immersed in material and knowledge that I was always eager to learn! And that absolutely did happen!!!

Social activism has been something I’ve brushed upon here and there. Ever since newly moving into Guelph for school (about 2 years ago), I’ve been very fortunate to meet some of the most dedicated and wonderful activists in the community, and sadly have  been able to experience the work they do first-hand, very recently. Guelph is awesome. Activism is awesome.

I’ve never felt so much support and reassurance from a job, or any space in general really!

During my stay here, I got to help out with re-adjusting the office space, learned about all the wonderful and magnificent resources that GRCGED has to offer, got to know the lovely folks who work here and the amazing/inspiring folks who curated and participated in the Summer Institute! As well, I got to work on some fun projects/pamphlets which you’ll see circulate around the blog in September (stay tuned!)

Overall, intersectional feminism has never felt more comfortable and familiar to me beyond what I can imagine! As someone who experiences the harshness of reality towards femme people of colour; there was a warm, safe feeling in me knowing that this space existed and that the people who helped this centre run were passionate about fighting oppression through so many different ways.

I’m especially thankful to the folks at GRCGED for constantly making me feel welcome and happy. This got to be a happy space for me, which is not what most people would attribute a desk job to, haha!

I encourage folks out there to volunteer and continue to spread news about this place, allow it to thrive, and invite people to be aware of this place! GRCGED will always have a special place in my heart <3