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November 19, 2020

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Engineers Without Borders (EWB) 

EWB is dedicated to bringing people and ideas together to tackle some of the world‚Äôs most serious problems. Here in Guelph, we do that by holding meetings about topics we‚Äôre passionate about, having fun events, volunteering, and getting involved in local politics.¬†EWB Guelph‚Äôs motto is ‚ÄúThink Globally, Act Locally.‚ÄĚ To learn more and get involved, check them out¬†@EWBGuelph


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“All of us are put in boxes by our family, by our religion, by our society, our moment in history, even our own bodies. Some people have the courage to break free.”

-Geena Rocero


Tea and Talk Tuesdays

When: Tuesdays 
Where:  GRCGED Jitsi general room: Here
One on one peer support sessions, sit down and talk with one of our volunteers for support, someone to talk to feel or if you’re looking for resources¬†

Chillin with Grcged

When: Wednesdays 6 pm
Where: Our discord server:
Come and hang out with us, bring a blanket and a warm drink. Some weeks its movies, others its games, next week we will be doing our watch night. Next week is our arts and crafts week, where we will be making some fun crafts. Can’t wait to see you there!

Unpacking Masculinity 

When: November 26, 6:00 pm, bi-weekly meetings
 Bi-weekly seminars on what masculinity means, toxic masculinity and how to unpack the deep patriarchal roots impacting society today. Our next session will be on media and gender roles. Sign up here

LGBTQ2IA+ Weekly Discussion: Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience

When: November 19th, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Where: Register here:
November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience. This week we will be discussing the importance of this day, how we plan to honour it, what ally-ship might look like, and resilience within the trans community





Trans Remembrance | CCGSD




Important dates 

November 20: Trans Day of Remembrance

 This day was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. This day of remembrance raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgender people;  it is a day to publicly mourn and honours the lives of our members of our community who might otherwise be forgotten. Through the vigil, we express love and respect for our people in the face of public indifference and hatred.

November 20: National child day

Celebrated to commemorate the United Nations’ adoption of two documents centred on the children’s rights. It shows the commitment to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect. This commitment includes the opportunity for children to have a voice, be protected from harm and be provided with their basic needs and every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Celebrating National Child Day is about celebrating children as active participants in their own lives and in communities, as active citizens who can and should meaningfully contribute to decision-making.

Woman Abuse Prevention Month

67% of Canadians know a Women who has been a victim of abuse. This month Canadians are wearing purple to show support in the ending of abuse towards women and is a symbol of the courage it takes a woman to leave her abuser. However, the courage of the woman is not enough. It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women. With the COVID-19 lockdowns, abuse rates have drastically increased, making it more important than ever that we show our support and put an end to human rights violations. 


Racialized trans and non-binary people in Canada face higher levels of discrimination: report

A national survey on transgender and non-binary suggest that trans people of colour face more harassment, with almost three-quarters reporting they fear harassment or scrutiny from police forces simply because of who they are. We must do more to address the issues surrounding trans people. n their 2019 election commitments, the Liberals committed to ending the blood ban; banning conversion therapy; and increasing their existing financial support for LGBTQ2+ community organizations. These are important commitments. However, they are neither specific to trans people, nor a sufficient response to curb the violence impacting trans people across Canada. We need real action, now, we need to act to end the 30% increase in trans murder this year, funding for trans-specific health and social services and to end the youth trans homelessness crisis. 

The 20th is a day to remember as well as raise visibility, we must fight for trans rights because trans rights are human rights and everyone deserves to feel safe and welcomed.

Nova Scotia begins covering breast reduction surgery for non-binary people

Nova Scotias human rights commission declared this ruling effective November 2, and will be covered by the Nova Scotia Medical Services. Previously, gender-affirming surgery in Nova Scotia covered chest masculinization and mastectomy surgeries for transgender men, and breast augmentation for transgender women. 

Gaskarth said that not only does the new coverage mean that non-binary people can access gender-affirming surgery, it also means MSI has recognized that gender does not exist as a binary.
Of course, our health system still has a ways to go in fully recognizing gender beyond the binary and providing support to those that exist outside of it, but this nonetheless is a great step forward.

More here: 

GQE (Guelph Queer Equality) is looking for volunteers 

GQE focuses on creating and maintaining a safer space for LGBTQ+ students but recognizes that other identities are also marginalized in society and we strive to be as inclusive as we can, running heavily on policies and ideas that are anti-oppressive, pro-equity, and intersectional.

And they are looking for volunteers to help with different tasks if you’re interested in volunteering at a friendly, inclusive environment that practices anti-ablism and anti-racism,¬†send an email to¬†





350 Transgender People Have Been Murdered In 2020: Transgender Day Of Remembrance List
















Artist of the week


Activist, filmmaker and writer, Tourmaline is a trans woman. She has made lots of films about trans activism and brings light to historical trans events like stonewall and life in Seneca village. She aims to make a world fully free and immortalize the trans activists before her that fought to make a change, her goal is to bring attention to the struggles and violence that trans people face on a daily basis.

Films to watch: Salacia, Happy Birthday, Marsha!, STAR People are Beautiful People