Newsletter October 15th, 2020

Newsletter October 15th, 2020

The GRCGED Weekly 

October 15, 2020
Your connection to on-campus feminist action

“One of the problems in the biotech world is the lack of women in leadership roles, and I’d like to see that change by walking the walk.”

Jennifer Doudna


Chillin with GRCGED

When: Wednesdays 6 pm
Where:  Our discord server: Here
Come and hang out with us, bring a blanket and a warm drink. Some weeks its movies, others its games, next week we will be playing among us and Jackbox games. Can’t wait to see you there!

Unpacking Masculinity 

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Starting in October, Bi-weekly seminars on what masculinity means, toxic masculinity and how to unpack the deep patriarchal roots impacting society today.

Tea and Talk Tuesdays

When: Tuesdays 
Where:  GRCGED Jitsi general meeting room: Here
One on one peer support sessions, sit down and talk with one of our volunteers for support, someone to talk to feel or if you’re looking for resources 

Guelph Aids Walk 

When: September 18th to October 18th
Where: Wherever you want
Sign up and walk/run/move any distance you want, you can sign up individually or as a team, the cost to participate is $25. You can also help fundraise for HIV/AIDS research and to smash the stigma. 
Commit to cover a distance and support the group ARCH in their path to support their programs.
For more information click: Here

EWB mug share program

This week, the Guelph chapters of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) are running a campaign to get a reusable mug program implemented at the Tim Horton’s in the Thornbrough building

The campaign aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste produced in the Thornbrough building, as well as the barriers that individuals face when trying to make more sustainable lifestyle decisions. Because let’s be honest, even those of us who own a travel mug have forgotten to bring it to campus on at least one occasion. And even if you remembered to bring it, you might have forgotten to rinse out yesterday’s (or last week’s) drink – yuck!.

Interested in supporting our cause? Fill out this short survey (5 – 10 minutes) to help us prove our case to Hospitality Services. And don’t forget to ask your friends to do the same!


Sign this petition to protect Bill C-16

On January 25th an email to appeal to repeal Bill C-16 was sent to the federal government. This proposal was rooted in transphobia as evident in their petitions wording “We reject the term trans women because by definition trans women are men. They are not a subset of women(and vice-versa for trans men).” 
This proposal passing means the segregation of trans men and women in prisons and the denial of transfers to prisons that correspond with their gender identity. 

No one should be punished because of their race, gender expression, religion or beliefs, this petition aims to do just that. 

Sign this petition to protect bill C-16 and to show help protect trans rights within prisons.


The CRB excludes migrants without a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN)Hundreds of thousands of migrants who can’t renew our SIN because of delays in processing our work and study permits – even our Permanent Residence applications – are shut out. Undocumented migrants living and working in this country for years without status have been denied vital income support. 

We are in the second wave of COVID-19, and yet again, immigration rules are being used to deny protections to migrants. While the income support law has effectively passed, there is still a solution for us: granting full and permanent immigration status to everyone in Canada, thus guaranteeing a valid SIN.

Already over 350 organizations and 8,000 people have signed a letter calling for #StatusforAll.


October 15th: Persons Day

It marks the day in 1929 when the historic decision to include women in the legal definition of “persons” was handed down by Canada’s highest court of appeal. This gave some women the right to be appointed to the Senate of Canada and paved the way for women’s increased participation in public and political life. Though this decision did not include all women, such as Indigenous women and women of Asian heritage and descent, it did mark critical progress in the advancement of gender equality in Canada

October 18th: World Menopause Day 2020

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. We encourage professionals and women to participate in this global awareness raising campaign by printing and sharing these materials, organising events to engage their communities, and sharing World Menopause Day social media posts. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the last 20 years, more than $360 million has been invested in breast cancer research by the Canadian Cancer Society and the former Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation combined, funding more than 1,000 research projects. The breast cancer death rate has dropped by 44% since the late 1980s. But, Breast cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death among Canadian women. Show your support by wearing pink or donating to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Other Organizations


Them is an American onlineLGBT magazine launched in October 2017 by Phillip Picardi and owned by Condé Nast. Follow them for LGBTQ+ news and health and style tips.
Check them out here

Steps to Justice                                                       

CLEO has new and updated information about the law and legal services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Need help settling rent disputes? Concerns about your kid in school during COVID-19? visit the Steps to Justice site for legal help during any of these issues.

Visit the site: here

Artist of the week:

Huma Bhabha

Raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Bhabha is a sculptor that addresses racism, politics and war and its impacts. She tackles issues she believes people don’t want to discuss like 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan.

Sculptures to see: We Come in Peace, International monument 

Clubs spotlight

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)            

EWB is dedicated to bringing people and ideas together to tackle some of the world’s most serious problems. Here in Guelph, we do that by holding meetings about topics we’re passionate about, having fun events, volunteering, and getting involved in local politics. Nationally, there are about 40 chapters across Canada that work together to create change. Internationally, we work with entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa to help support their development and create cultural exchanges between them and their Canadian counterparts. EWB Guelph’s motto is “Think Globally, Act Locally.” To learn more and get involved, check them out @EWBGuelph

Her Campus                  Her Campus

Her Campus is the #1 new-media brand for the empowered college woman. Written entirely by the world’s top college journalists – with 10,000+ contributors and counting – features national Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, Entertainment, News, DIY, LGBTQ+, High School, and After College content supplemented by local content from 350 campus chapters nationwide and in ten countries. 

Meeting times for F20 TBD. All meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams!