Help Get Queer History online!

At the recent ACTIN’ UP/Night of Red celebration that kicked off AIDS Awareness Week, some awesome history timelines were unveiled.  There was one each about Indigenous, women’s, and queer rights and advancements.  GRCGED is going to work with ARCH to turn these documents into an online project.  If you have skills to create a dynamic presentation of these facts and create moderated forms for more submissions, we want to hear from you!  If you are interested in researching more history, please get in touch so you can tell us your area of interest!  Thanks, Jasper Smith, Education Coordinator for ARCH for working closely with the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives and the AIDS Activist History Project to compile a selection of pieces that reflect the rich cultural history of LGBTQ+ communities here in southern Ontario and especially as it weaves through Guelph!