Meditation play-lab: Using privilege to create peace

Meditation play-lab: Using privilege to create peace

The Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity is excited to host this awesome event as part of Peace Week 2015!

This event is FREE & everyone is welcome!

Date: October 27th 1:30-3:30 pm

Location: University Centre room 004
“Meditation play-lab: Using privilege to create peace”

Having privilege is unavoidable. And once we become aware of it, it can also make us feel really uncomfortable. If we’re not careful, we will use strategies such as dissociation, ignorance, deflection, anger, and retaliation to avoid the feelings of discomfort and, in the process, project unintentional harm onto others. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use their privilege for peace by cultivating a practice of self-accountability grounded in meditation and breath work.

Facilitator’s BIO:

Demetria Jackson is an abundant bodied, trauma sensitive, consciousness coach who loves sharing yoga and meditation as tools for radical transformation and self-healing. She identifies as a “recovering activist” and spends a lot of time contemplating and sharing spiritual and abolitionist strategies for accountability, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and navigating privilege. Learn more about her work at