Who wants FREE contraception? Us! We Do!

On September 26, World Contraception Day, MP Irene Mathyssen had a timely opportunity for to talk about the importance of and access to contraception for people around the world. She introduced M-65, a motion that calls on the federal government to work with the provinces to provide free access to prescribed birth control.

Why is this an issue for students you might think? Our contraception is free. It only seems free because of your student health insurance coverage. As soon as you graduate, you have to pay for it. In Canada there are some folks who struggle to gain access to necessary reproductive health care.

She (and GRCGED) believe that reproductive health care, and specifically safe and effective contraceptives, should be made available and accessible to all. Contraception is a basic, lifesaving health care need for women, transgender people, and other persons.

Access to contraception supports the right to make healthy reproductive choices.

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Download and print the poster and petition for signatures at:

Make Birth Control Free – Poster – EnglishMake Birth Control Free – Poster – EnglishMake Birth Control Free – Poster – English

Petition – Free Prescription Birth Control

News coverage of the proposed bill can be found on the Global News website