Peer Support

Have you ever wished someone would _just_listen?

GRCGED strives to do this and more; we offer a safer, more supportive space thanks to our volunteers and staff. We provide active listening training annually to help us build and maintain these skills as a community. Here at GRCGED, we offer peer support. We are not therapists or full-time counselors. We _DO_ offer a supportive ear, our time and attention, an intersectional feminist analysis, and refer people to other resources and organizations. Whether you are stressed out about school or roommates, or if you have experienced violence, loss or another life-altering experience, we are here for you.

GRCGED offers Sexual Violence Survivor Support.

You can also find a list of other community organizations on our Crisis and Community Links page.

If you would like to volunteer for GRCGED as an active listener, please visit the Volunteer link. We’d really love for you to join our active listening team!

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